My name is Derk Rembold and I am computer science professor at the university of applied science Albstadt-Sigmaringen.

This is me

My research interests are practical software applications using neural networks and other techniques. I am giving several programming classes, and I am slowly moving to a teaching style, where I give students tasks, which they need to solve within the semester instead of confronting them with lectures. Therefor I am constantly looking for small projects my students can solve within a period of time.

My students often present very interesting solutions for the small projects I give, and I find it very sorry to save the code to disk and forget about it after a while. For this reason I publish the code, so everybody should can access to it.

I publish the posts usually more frequently after the summer and winter semesters, since my students have their tasks completed at the end of the semesters.

The faculty computer science of the university of applied science Albstadt-Sigmaringen is located in Albstadt, which is in the south of Germany.